Artist Statement

Lisa A. Fanning

Traveling through the streets of cities around the world allows me to see an uncut, unedited version of life that fulfills my curiosity and interest in culture, communication, human behavior and la vie quotidienne(everyday life). Street photography provides a platform for me to quietly enter people’s space … often times unnoticed …to capture moments that illustrate life from a multitude of angles. I try to interpret life through the lens and magnify what I see for others to consider …sometimes through visual stories I create from multiple images. I am most interested in pointing to the overall human experience as we know it, but rarely see it. My parents, both poets, passed on to me the ability to pick up the less perceived sensations of life and I use this gift to communicate my feelings about the true essence and beauty of life and its accompanying stories.


Global Stories: Street Level View

Preview my new project for Global Stories: Street level view.

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